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While purchasing advertising packages, you are profit from them. Secondly, you receive advertising credits CPM and CPC banners, necessary for promoting your business on our website.
To receive revenue from advertising packages, you must view 10 qualifying ads each day.
Each “membership” is necessary to purchase a particular advertising package:

Easy membership is required to purchase the IRON advertising package.
Medium membership is needed for the CHROME advertising package.
Explorer membership is necessary to purchase the COPPER advertising package.
Professional membership is needed for purchasing the BRONZE advertising package.

P.S. For the package "Start" membership is not needed.
You receive income when your referrals purchase advertising packages.

From 0 - 30 days => you will receive 5% from purchasing advertising packages.
From 30 - 60 days => you get 3% from purchasing advertising packages.
From 60 days - lifetime => you get 1% of the purchase of advertising packages by your referrals.

Moreover, you get 10% of ad credits for viewing the advertising by your referrals. (in the sections “ Quick Bonus ” and “Get a bonus”).
The minimum withdrawal - 10$
By our rules, one user (ip-address) can have only one account.
You can withdraw funds from “Earning balance” and “Cash balance”.
This is Adpack and withdrawal credits for buying "Adpack ads" and "Withdrawal ads".
Package “Start” (1$) = 2.20% per day. Closing position: 50 days.
Package “Iron” (10$) =1.92% per day. Closing position: 60 days.
Package “Chrome” (25$) = 1.34% per day. Closing position: 90 days.
Package “Copper” (50$) = 1% per day. Closing position: 125 days.
Package “Bronze” (100$) = 0.867% per day. Closing position: 150 days.
You can increase the "available withdrawal limit" using a deposit or purchase of advertising packages from the processor.
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